MindSplash Original Exhibit:

Operation Challenge
Is there a future doctor in the museum?

Our Operation Challenge exhibit asks visitors to accept the challenge of role-playing major surgery as they carefully remove and replace realistic body parts into their proper spot in a 4-foot kid-sized "patient." But watch out! If you aren't careful while you "operate," a loud buzzer will sound and a light in the "brain" will tell you to slow down and be more careful!


As visitors perform "operations," they discover their own human anatomy. They see what major organs look like, and learn their names and locations in our bodies. The ten cavities in Operation Challenge hold a heart, two lungs, stomach, liver, kidney, intestine, femur leg bone, fibula and tibia leg bones, and a humerus arm bone.


Operation Challenge is approximately 30" wide by 54" long and is durably constructed in your choice of colors. The child-sized figure is solid surface Corian so that it will look like new, even after thousands of "operations." Our patient rests on a laminate surface with a base in your choice of paint or laminate. Operation Challenge can be built as a permanent exhibit with a base or it can be designed as a tabletop exhibit that can be placed on your existing table.


Operation Challenge will be a favorite in your museum's medical area!

"Our visitors love Operation Challenge! It has transformed our medical area." 


- Franci Sloan, Exhibit Coordinator,

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