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MindSplash's Original

A-Mazing Airways
A-Mazing Airways is inspiring visitors of all ages in museums across the world.
Is yours next?

MindSplash’s nationally acclaimed, original A-Mazing Airways is an impressive pneumatic air system that engages children and adults to explore the properties of air.


Inspired by work curated in partnership with the National Science Foundation, A-Mazing Airways is a flexible exhibit designed for visitors of all ages to challenge and expand their understanding of airflow. A-Mazing Airways combines larger-than-life air tubes, high-performance air systems, interactive diverter boxes, and soaring manipulatives of all shapes and sizes into one powerful exhibit experience.


Enjoy a truly low-maintenance, innovative exhibit that is sure to delight your visitors for years to come!

"The pneumatic airways sculpture is working well. It is really a very famous exhibit in the air exhibition!" 


- Dr. Christof Boerner, Phaeno Science Center, Wolfsburg, Germany

MindSplash has installed over 92
A-Mazing Airways in museums, libraries and play spaces.

Our A-Mazing Clients

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