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World of Motion

Children's Museum at Holyoke

Holyoke, MA


Scope of Work:

Museum Analysis, Enrichment Plan, Exhibit Area Design and Development


The new World of Motion Gallery is the Children's Museum at Holyoke's first exhibit area in many years. This exciting new space is filled with STEM exhibits that explore things that move and the many different ways to make things move. Some are obvious, like how bodies, levers, and pulleys move, and some are less so, like sound waves or invisible magnetic fields. Visitors can use their bodies to move things, observe complex movements in the audio kinetic ball machine, and discover movements using ramps, conveyers, racetracks, rockets, magnets, electricity, and more. 

The World of Motion exhibits are designed with layers of learning, making it possible for visitors of different ages and abilities to explore the cause and effect of physical science in motion.

"The response to the World of Motion has been amazing! Selling memberships like crazy." - Susan Kelley, Executive Director

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