A-Mazing Airways Exhibits

In over 90 museums in the US, Canada Europe, the Middle East, China and India


Becky Lindsay was the Principal Investigator of this three-year project funded by the National Science Foundation. The Airworks for Kids project included research into children's misconceptions about air, and development of ten exhibits designed to dispel naive notions about air, and to encourage children to ask good questions about the power of air.


A-Mazing Airways, our nationally acclaimed pneumatic air system that engages children and adults to explore the properties of air, has become a museum favorite.  Balls and scarves swoosh through hundreds of feet of large 5” clear rigid and flexible tubing as visitors discover how objects move through the multiple pathways.  A-Mazing Airways has unprecedented open-ended experimentation in each of the many sizes of Airways, as well as large multiple and triple systems.   Also popular is our Air Fountains exhibit which allows visitors to explore air pressure and the Bernoulli effect through the series of tubes and connectors they build as they experiment.


 MindSplash has installed Airways in museums across the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, China and Europe. In each museum, A-Mazing Airways is a visitor favorite and provides an excellent way to explore the power of wind energy. 

Our A-Mazing Airways exhibits start at $19,000




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